Our Alumni

Academy of Science — Sterling, Virginia

"...the critical thinking skills I learned as a math major have been applicable to every single experience I have had post-college, and I am so thankful for that."

Spin VR — Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"... being surrounded by such talented classmates, I was constantly pushed to challenge my intellectual limits in different areas of maths..."

Flow Traders — New York, New York

"...(Duke's Math Department) also helped me see the world differently, asking questions and thinking about solutions rather than seeing barriers."

Princeton Consultants — New York, New York

"This skill has a number of applications in the real world, and teaches you to be innovative and how to solve problems in ways that other people haven't though of."

Ph.D. Student, University of Michigan — Ann Arbor, Michigan

"I feel my mathematics education from Duke prepared me very well for the interdisciplinary nature of my current research and career path."

Student, University of Virginia School of Medicine — Charlottesville, Virginia

"Studying math at Duke gave me the sense that I could do almost anything if I put my mind to it."

Google — Seattle, Washington

"(Being a Duke Math grad has) helped me think in abstract manner and break problems into small pieces without losing focus of the big picture."

Deloitte — New York, New York

"During job searches employers see that you are a math major and immediately know that you have the logical reasoning and problem solving skills required."

Applied Mathematics Ph.D. Student, Harvard

"(Duke Math) gave me the opportunity to explore research in math so that I knew I wanted to pursue a Ph.D."