Applied Math & Analysis

As part of the Department of Mathematics, the Applied Mathematics Program hosts this ongoing series of seminars. The presentations cover a broad range of topics including numerical analysis, ordinary and partial differential equations, nonlinear systems, scientific computing, dynamical systems theory, mathematical biology, pattern formation, and complex physical systems.

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Last updated: 2017/12/11 - 4:21am
Ken Kamrin (MIT)
Wednesday, December 13 - 12:00 pm
119 Physics

Granular materials are common in everyday life but are historically difficult to model. This has direct ramifications owing to the prominent role granular media play in multiple industries and...

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Tristan Buckmaster (Princeton University)
Wednesday, January 24 - 12:00 pm
119 Physics

Xiaoqian Xu (Carnegie Mellon University)
Wednesday, March 14 - 12:00 pm
119 Physics