Jingxian Huang

  • Student (Non Faculty Academic Position)
  • Student (Non Faculty Academic Position)
Phone: +1 919 684 8832
Office Hours: 

Monday 8-9pm, Carr 125
Tuesday 8-9pm, Carr 125

I am a graduate student in the Department of Mathematics, Duke University. My advisor is Professor Mark A. Stern. Before coming to Duke, I received my bachelor degree in mathematics and economics from Peking University, China.

I am interested in geometric analysis with an emphasis on harmonic mapping problems. I use sigma models to study harmonic maps.  Harmonic maps are critical points of a  kinetic energy functional subject to nonlinear constraints and consequently satisfy a nonlinear Laplace equation. I focus on developing techniques to analyze singularities of solutions to these non-linear partial differential equations, i.e., when and where the solutions become non-differentiable.