Student Research Options

There are several ways students can become involved in research while still an undergraduate at Duke.


DOmath (Duke Opportunities in Mathematics) is a new summer research program in mathematics at Duke, starting in summer 2017. It is an eight-week summer program open to all Duke undergraduates. DOmath is a program for collaborative student research in all areas of mathematics. The program consists of groups of 2-3 undergraduate students working together on a single project. Each team will be led by a faculty mentor assisted by a graduate student.

PRUV Fellow Program

PRUV provides financial support for summer research with a faculty sponsor in the Duke Mathematics Department. Students receive a stipend and live on campus with other students in the program. After the program, students can continue their work as a senior research project to earn Graduation with Distinction.


Data+ is a nine-week summer research experience open to Duke undergraduates of all majors who are interested in exploring new data-driven approaches to interdisciplinary challenges. Students join small project teams, working alongside other teams in a communal environment. They learn how to marshal, analyze, and visualize data while gaining broad exposure to the modern world of data science.

Independent Study

There are opportunities to do research with faculty members for course credit during the year. Examples include seminars MATH 476S on Mathematical Models or MATH 493 on topics that have recently included Mathematical Models of Panting Frequency, Wavelets, and Random Matrices. Independent Study projects can also be used to earn Graduation with Distinction.

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

Students are encouraged to participate in the many summer REU programs held at a variety of schools around the country.

Student Research in the News

Mathematicians' study bolsters call for non-partisan reform. Researchers at Duke University have developed a mathematical model that shows how changes in North Carolina’s congressional voting districts could affect election outcomes. Focusing on the last election, the researchers varied the state... read more »