Transfer Credits


This page is specifically devoted to the discussion of credit for math courses taken at US institutions other than Duke, while a student is already enrolled at Duke.  If you are interested in credit for a course that you took prior to enrolling at Duke, please visit: Duke Prematriculation Credit.  If you are interested in receiving credit for a math course to be taken while you are on a Study Abroad program at a foreign institution, please visit: Taking Math While Studying Abroad.

Getting Approval of Courses to be Taken at Another School

There are two steps that you should take before you enroll at another four-year US school in a math course for which you want credit at Duke:

  1. Apply for approval from the Mathematics Department.
  2. Seek approval from your academic dean.

Below you will find a description of the process of applying for transfer credit from the Mathematics Department.  For questions about Duke transfer credit in general, consult the following:

Notes on Transfer Credit

  • Transfer credit will not be approved for courses for which you do not satisfy the pre-requisites.
  • Approval will be granted for courses that are deemed equivalent to Duke math courses, in both content and rigor.
  • Once a decison has been made, you will be contacted via email.
  • In the case of approval, you will be asked to submit the Transfer Credit Approval Form found here:
  • Transfer credit decisions are handled only via the above described process.  They are not discussed in person.
  • For math majors, Math 401/501 and Math 431/531 must be taken at Duke.
  • Some courses have a different code used for transfer.  In particular, Calculus I taken elsewhere is coded as Math 121, whereas Calculus II taken elsewhere is coded as Math 122.
  • If you receive transfer credit for Math 121, and intend to take Calculus II in the fall semester at Duke, you must enroll in Math 122L.