Heather Wiese

2011 Major: Mathematics, Theater Studies; Minor: Education

Current Employer: Academy of Science (a math and science magnet school) — Sterling, Virginia

How has being a Mathematics graduate from Duke helped shape your professional success?

I am fortunate to use my math degree every day as a high school math teacher. But more than that, the critical thinking skills I learned as a math major have been applicable to every single experience I have had post-college, and I am so thankful for that.

What advice would you give students in Mathematics?

Don't give up!!! Studying math at Duke is hard work, but as my dad always says, "You either work now or you work later." I am so fortunate my Duke math degree led to teaching at a math and science magnet school where inquiry-based learning is the norm and I get to travel abroad chaperoning educational and research collaboration trips. Also, the critical thinking skills and numeracy I gained as a math major have made me VERY marketable, and I know that even if I one day decide to pursue a career other than teaching, I will be prepared to choose from any number of paths.

Heather Wiese
Academy of Science — Sterling, Virginia