Phillip Andreae

2016 Ph.D. Graduate

Currently: Assistant Professor, Meredith College — Raleigh, NC

Phillip Andreae graduated from Duke with a PhD in Mathematics, specializing in geometry. After graduation in 2016, he joined Meredith College as an Assistant Professor. While at Duke, Dr. Andreae served as a department graduate student representative and co-organized the Graduate Student Geometry Seminar in the Department of Mathematics. He was awarded Captain L.P. & Barbara Smith Award for his excellent teaching in the Mathematics Department. He was also a Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) fellow in 2015-2016.

When you were a graduate student at Duke, what career paths or plans did you have in mind?

When I first started at Duke, I imagined myself working at a research university in the long run. But as I progressed through graduate school, I realized that I enjoyed teaching as much as or even more than doing research. I started seeking out opportunities to improve as a teacher and to learn more about careers with a teaching focus. Duke’s Certificate in College Teaching program and Preparing Future Faculty Fellowship were both very helpful in that respect!


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Phillip Andreae
Assistant Professor — Meredith College, Raleigh, NC