Color Printer/Scanner

The color printer is located in the front office (Room 117) - the office is open from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.  The color printer is also a color and black/white scanner.  Below are instructions for Scanning a document to a PDF file using the Automatic Document Feeder, Scanning and Image, or Scanning an Image or Documet to a USB drive.  If you just need a black/white scanned copy it is easiest to use the copier in Room 102.

Scanning a document to a PDF file using the Automatic Document Feeder

  1. Place your documents face side up on top tray of the scanner.
  2. Run the program gscan2pdf from the command line or from the Graphics menu in the main taskbar menu.
  3. Go to the menu item File => Scan.
  4. First choose Brother Room_102 from the pulldown menu at the top of the Scan Document window.
  5. Select All for the # Pages
  6. Always select Single Sided for the Source Document type and Facing for the Side to Scan (more on this later)
  7. If you are scanning a double sided document, Check the Rotate box and select Reverse Side and 180 degrees.
  8. Uncheck the Clean up images and OCR scanner pages unless you know for certain you want to test these features
  9. Click on the Scan Options tab at the top of the window
  10. Select Letter for the Paper Size
  11. For the Source , you may choose the Flatbed for scanning non-sheet oriented material, Automatic Document Feeder for single sided sheets, or Automatic Document Feeder (Duplex) for double sided sheets.
  12. Select the Mode appropriate to your document. Scanning a text page in 24bit Color produces a much larger file than in Black & White .
  13. Select a Resolution for your document. 100 is appropriate for screen/web display, 150 or 200 is appropriate for normal use, and 300 should be the maximum you use for documents.
  14. Hit the Scan button at the bottom and then save your document.

Scanning an Image

  1. Lift the scanner cover just above the LCD display and place your image face down on the glass.
  2. Launch the program simple-scan from the command prompt or from the Graphics menu (listed as Simple Scan) in the main taskbar menu.
  3. Go to the menu item Document => Preferences.
  4. Select the scanner Brother Room_102 from the list of available Scan Sources, choose your scanning resolution and click OK .
  5. Now click the Scan button to initiate your scan.
  6. After your scan is complete, click the Save button and enter a filename to save a jpg file of your image.

Scanning to a USB Drive

  1. Either place your documents in the Automatic Document Feeder on top of the printer or lift the scanner lid (just above the LCD panel) and place your image on the flatbed glass.
  2. Insert your USB drive in the port on the front of the printer.
  3. Press the Scan button just below the LCD panel on the printer.
  4. Use the cursor keys to select Scan to USB and press Ok .
  5. Choose Single Sided or Double Sided as appropriate and press Ok.
  6. By default, the printer will scan at 150 DPI Color . If you want to change this, cursor to Change Setting and press Ok. Your options are 150 DPI Color, 300 DPI Color, 600 DPI Color, 200 DPI Black & White, and 200x100 DPI Black & White . You can also choose the destination file type of PDF or JPEG and change the default filename in this menu. Press Ok to continue or the Red STOP/EXIT button to cancel.
  7. Finally, the screen will instruct you to press Start to begin. Use the Green Color button or the Blue Black and White button as appropriate to begin scanning.
  8. If scanning from the flatbed, the scanner will prompt you for the next page/image. Change your page and select Yes if you have more pages or No if you are done and press Ok.
  9. When the scanner beeps and clears the LCD panel, your document is done and you can remove your USB drive.