Completed a Course in Multivariable Calculus or Higher Level Mathematics

The Duke multivariable calculus course, MATH 212, has an important chapter on vector calculus that includes line integrals, Green's Theorem, surface integrals, and Stokes's Theorem. This material accounts for approximately one-fourth of the course. MATH 212 covers multivariable calculus at a level that is more rigorous and substantial than high school courses so even if you have studied all of the topics in MATH 212 you should still expect to find MATH 212 to be a challenging course.

Students who hope to skip multivariable calculus (or any math course) should be sure to consider carefully the math requirements of their intended majors, minors, and certificate plans. Math requirements for other departments are overseen and enforced by those departments – not the Department of Mathematics. Enrollment in and successful completion of a higher level course CANNOT be assumed to satisfy the requirement of a lower level course, and very often it will not. You must get written permission from the Director of Undergraduate Studies of the appropriate department before you skip any such required course.

If you have this background: Take this course:
  • Your multivariable calculus course DID NOT include line integrals, Green's Theorem, surface integrals, and Stokes' Theorem
You should take multivariable calculus here at Duke. Please refer to the information in the Typical Sophomore Year Course Sequences table.
  • You have earned pre-matriculation credit for MATH 212
You may take the next higher level math course, which varies depending on your major.
  • You do not have credit for MATH 212, but you have studied all the topics covered in our course, and you feel you should take a higher level math course
Write to the Supervisor of First-Year Instruction to get guidance on which course to choose. In your email message you should describe the contents of the courses you have had (e.g., textbooks and chapters covered), the name of the school where you took the courses, how well you did in the courses, your SAT and Achievement scores, and a statement of the placement you desire. It is especially helpful if you can email copies of the syllabi, including the titles of the textbooks you used and the sections you studied.

If you are still not sure what would be the right course for you to enroll in or if you have a different placement question, go to Contacting the SFI to fill out and submit a request for assistance. The Supervisor of First-year Instruction will need this information to be able to respond to your question.