Laboratory Calculus and Functions I


A study of functions with applications, and an introduction to differential calculus, with a laboratory component. Topics include a review of algebra and functions, mathematical modeling with elementary functions, rates of change, inverse functions, logarithms and exponential functions, the derivative, graphical interpretations of the derivative, optimization, related rates. Not open to students who have credit for Math 21 or 111L or 121. One course. 


Spring and Summer 2020: Calculus for Duke University with Single Variable, by Hughes-Hallett, et al sixth edition (ISBN-13 978-1119548263).  Equivalent to the out-of-print Calculus: Single Variable, sixth edition (ISBN-13:  978-0470888537 (Hardcover), 978-0470888643 (Paperback), 978-1118233771 (Loose Leaf)).

Fall 2020: Calculus: Single and Multivariable, 7th edition, by Hughes-Hallett et al, printed loose leaf (ISBN: 9781119444190), available in textbook store.  Equivalent alternatives:

Prerequisites: None

Syllabus:  Spring 2020

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Additional Notes

This course begins the two-semester sequence Math 105L and 106L. The sequence was created by taking the content of Math 19 (which no longer exists) and the content of Math 111L, and interweaving the topics in such a way that the precalculus topics are reviewed when they are needed in the development of calculus. First-year students who do not place into second-semester calculus or beyond should normally begin with Math 105L or Math 111L (see placement).

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