Laboratory Calculus I


Introductory calculus with a laboratory component. Emphasis on laboratory projects, group work, and written reports. Differentiation, transcendental functions, optimization, differential equations, numerical approximations, Euler's method, the Fundamental Theorem, separation of variables, slope fields, and mathematical modeling. Not open to students who have credit for Mathematics 105L, 106L, or 121. One course. 

Textbooks: Calculus for Duke University with Single Variable, by Hughes-Hallett, et al sixth edition (ISBN-13 978-1119548263).  Equivalent to the out-of-print Calculus: Single Variable, sixth edition (ISBN-13:  978-0470888537 (Hardcover), 978-0470888643 (Paperback), 978-1118233771 (Loose Leaf)).

Laboratory Calculus (course pack), by Mike Reed and Lewis Blake.

Prerequisites: Recommended SAT score of at least 710 (680 if taken before Mar. 2016), ACT score of at least 30

Syllabus:  Fall 2019

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