Multivariable Calculus for Economics


Gaussian elimination, matrix algebra, determinants, linear independence. Calculus of several variables, chain rule, implicit differentiation. Optimization, first order conditions, Lagrange multipliers. Integration of functions of several variables. Prerequisite: Mathematics 22,122, 112L or 122L. Not open to students who have taken Mathematics 222 or 212. One course. 

Textbook:  Michael Hoy, John Livernois, Chris McKenna, Ray Rees and Thanasis Stengos, Mathematics for Economics, 3rd ed. ISBN: 9780262015073

Prerequisites:  Credit for Math 112L, Math 122L, or Math 122

Syllabus:  Spring 2020

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Additional Notes

Economics majors and minors interested in either finance, graduate study in economics, or further math courses should not take Math 202D, and instead should take Math 212 or Math 221-222.  Students who are not studying economics are welcome to take this course, but should be aware that the vast majority of examples and applications are focused on economics. Students in computer science, statistics, and other data-focused sciences are highly encouraged to take Math 218 or Math 221 rather than this course for a more thorough treatment of linear algebra.

Enrollment in Math 202 requires credit for second semester calculus (Math 22, 112L, 122L, or 122) on your Duke transcript.

If you have AP or international placement exam scores that you expect to result in AP or IPC credit for Math 22 but have not reported the scores yet, you should do that ASAP to result in the Math 22 credit needed for enrollment in this course.  If you have taken a second-semester calculus course that you hope will result in PMC or transfer credit for Math 122, you should likewise begin that process ASAP.

If you have a very strong background in second semester calculus that you feel is equivalent to the level of our Math 122L, but do not have such credit on your Duke transcript, and if you would like to be considered for an exemption from the second semester calculus prerequisite, you may take our "Math 122L Proficiency Exam"; students who do well on this exam will be granted permission to enroll in Math 202, at the discretion of the Supervisor of First-Year Instruction. 

This exam is offered each semester shortly before the first day of classes.  Click here to REGISTER for this exam; date/time details will be sent to registered students by email.  Students registering for this exam are encouraged to enroll in Math 122L (in the Fall; or Math 112L in the Spring) for the moment, as this would be the correct course choice in the event of not performing sufficiently on this exam.

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