DMM Contest Rules

As a general rule, un-mathematics-like behaviors will be frowned upon. Calculators will be prohibited in all the rounds.  All numerical answers should be reduced to the simplest form.

Rounds of Math Meet

Power Round

The Power Round is a multi-part proof problem. All the problems will be related in one topic. The team members will work together on these problems. Answers should be given in the form of mathematical proofs, unless otherwise stated. All the necessary work to justify an answer and all the necessary steps of a proof must be shown clearly to obtain full credit. Partial credit may be awarded for answers that are incomplete but making a progress toward the solution. On each sheet you turn in, indicate the problem number in the upper left-hand corner and your team number in the upper right-hand corner. Do not write your team name anywhere on your answers. Do not put answers to differently numbered problems on the same sheet.

Team Round

The Team Round consists of ten questions with numerical answers. In this round, the team members will also work together and turn in a single answer sheet. The answer should be accurate and simplified, following the Numerical Answering Guideline. Illegible and/or multiple answers will receive no credit. Leaving a question blank does not yield extra points, nor do wrong answers receive any penalties.

Individual Round

The round will be consist of 10 questions split into 5 pairs. Participants receive one pair at a time, and have 10 minutes to solve the two problems given. Each question will be worth 1 point with 10 points total. The correct answer to all 10 problems will be posted at the end of the round.

The answer, and only the answer should be written on the answer sheet provided by the proctor. Illegible and/or multiple answers will receive no credit. Leaving a question blank does not yield extra points, nor do wrong answers receive any penalties. The answer should be reduced to the lowest possible form, fractions and radicals needs to be reduced. Irrational and imaginary numbers can be in the denominator, as long as it’s in the most reduced form, and follows the above Numerical Answering Guideline.

Like in the other rounds of the contest, NO CALCULATORS ARE ALLOWED. The individual score is the sum of the scores of all 8 questions. In case of ties, the tie will be broken during the Lightning round.

Relay Round

Each team will be broken down into groups of 3. Each of the 3 people will receive a different problem. When the first person solves his (or her) problem, he writes the answer on a small piece of paper and passes it to the right or the left depending on which side of the auditorium you are on. The second person needs that number to solve his or her problem (the number is referred to as “the number you will receive,” or TNYWR). When the second person gets an answer, he or she passes that number in the same direction. When the third person gets his or her answer, he or she writes it on an official answer slip and hands it to the official proctor at the proper time.

The second and third people can usually do most of their work before getting a number from the person ahead of them. Nothing may be passed except a number—NO COMMENTS, NO OTHER INFORMATION. You should double underline the answer you pass in case it accidentally gets turned upside down and looks like a different number. You may continue to pass answers, even if they are the same as before. NOTHING MAY BE PASSED in the reverse direction. IF YOU RECEIVE AN ANSWER THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU TO USE, JUST WAIT AND HOPE THAT A DIFFERENT ANSWER WILL GET PASSED TO YOU!

The third person may submit answers only at the 3 minute mark and at the 6 minute mark. If the answer handed in at 3 minutes is correct, and no answer is handed in later, it gets maximum points. If any answer is handed in at 6 minutes, the previous answer is discarded by the proctor (even if the number is the same as before!), and you can only get the lower number of points, provided the answer is correct. OBVIOUSLY THE THIRD PERSON SHOULD NOT HAND IN THE SAME ANSWER A SECOND TIME!

A 15 second warning will be announced before the 3 minute and 6 minute time limits. If you are handing in an answer then, put it on the appropriate answer slip, hold that slip up, and the proctor will collect it.

Teams will receive 4 points for a correct solution at the three-minute mark and 2 points for a correct solution after six minutes.

Devil Round

This round is purely for fun; it is meant to be a relaxing way for students from different schools to meet each other and will not affect individual or team scores. All participants, including alternates, will be randomly placed onto mixed teams of six or seven. Each team will be assigned a name and assign itself a runner, who will be in charge of retrieving questions and submitting the team’s solutions. Each team will receive a starting question on a slip of paper; once they’ve written a solution and their team name on it, the runner will run it to the moderators and receive another question in return. This process will continue until time or the moderators’ supply of problems run out. Each problem will be worth the same value; correct answers will receive full credit but incorrect answers will not be penalized. Each team’s score will be updated live on the board at the front of the room. The teams with the highest scores at the end of the round wins and earns a special prize.