DMM Registration

Registration for the 2018 Duke Math Meet is now closed.

COMPLETING REGISTRATION: Registration for a team is only complete when we have received the correct payment.  See payment guidelines below.

GOODIES: We will distribute Duke Math Meet string backpacks to both students and proctors. 

TEAMS: Each team is composed of 6 students.  Each club may send 2 teams + the number of teams they had in the top 15 last year, with a maximum of 4 teams.  The top 15 teams last year were (in rank order): TJA, NCSSM pi, TJB, NC ARML Sub-team, Enloe A, TJD, Columbia Math Circle A, NCSSM i, TJC, Charlotte Math Club, Columbia Math Circle B, Team East Chapel Hill, Columbia Math Circle C, Cary Academy, ITCCC TEAM1

FULL/PARTIAL TEAMS: Teams with 6 members are full teams, while any team with fewer, including individuals, are partial teams.  This year, we will have a cap of 40 team slots (240 students) for full teams, and a cap of 5 team slots (30 students) for partial teams and individuals.  We will attempt to combine partial teams of compatible sizes to form complete teams, but these complete teams will take up 1 of the 5 partial team slots.

DEADLINE: Registration will remain open until either (1) the team cap (45 teams) is met, or (2) the final date for registration has passed:  Noon on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2018.

PROCTORS: If a school is bringing N individuals, they must bring ceiling(N/6) proctors.  Ceiling(N/6) is the least integer greater than or equal to N/6.  If two partial teams are combined to form a complete team, only one team needs to bring a proctor but both partial teams will still need to pay the proctor fee.

COST/PAYMENT: Registration will cost $20 per individual and $20 per proctor, so $140 per full team.  Schools and clubs should use the credit card link in registration or mail a check made out to Duke University:

Mr. Wayne Williamson
Department of Mathematics
Duke University
Box 90320
Durham, NC 27708

This fee will cover breakfast, Jimmy John’s lunch, and the Duke Math Meet string backpack.

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions, please contact (
If you believe the question is more suited to individualized attention, please contact: