DMM Registration

Registration for the 2019 Duke Math Meet is now closed.

If you have a username and password and need to edit your account, click here:  Duke Math Meet 2019 Registration

DEADLINE:  Registration will remain open until either (1) the team cap (40 teams) is met, or (2) the final date for registration has passed:  Noon on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2019.

COMPLETING REGISTRATION: Registration for a team is only complete when we have received the correct payment.  See payment guidelines below.

Note:  to create a new account on the DMM registration website, please email your school/organization name to:  Include:  Coach's name, school address, phone, and email.

COST/PAYMENT: Registration will cost $25 per individual, so $150 per full team. This year we are not charging proctors or coaches. This fee will cover breakfast and lunch for students and proctors, as well as 2019 Duke Math Meet t-shirts for students.

Schools and clubs should use the credit card link in registration or mail a check made out to Duke University to:

Duke University
Department of Mathematics
c/o Shawn MacDuff
Box 90320
Durham, NC 27708

TEAMS: Each team is composed of 6 students.  Each club may send 2 teams + the number of teams they had in the top 15 last year, with a maximum of 4 teams.  The groups that can send more than two teams are listed below:

4 teams:  Thomas Jefferson, NCSSM, Enloe, ITCCC
3 teams:  East Chapel Hill, Green Hope, Charlotte Math Club, Carnage Middle, Ravenscroft

FULL/PARTIAL TEAMS: Teams with 6 members are full teams, while any team with fewer, including individuals, are partial teams.  We have a cap of 40 team slots (240 students) for full teams, and a cap of 5 team slots (30 students) for partial teams and individuals.  We will attempt to combine partial teams of compatible sizes to form complete teams, but these complete teams will take up one of the five partial team slots.

Schools and groups must bring one proctor for every team and partial team they are sending.  For example, if a school is bringing one full team of six and one partial team of four, they are required to bring two proctors.

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions, please contact (