DOmath 2020

DOmath 2020 banner

The 2020 DOmath program ran from May 18 to July 10, 2020. Here are the six projects, along with the teams' summaries of what they accomplished (to appear soon).

  1. Neural network dimension reduction of data with topological constraint, led by Professor Xiuyuan Cheng
  2. Decomposition of class groups and representation theory, led by Professors Samit Dasgupta and Jiuya Wang
  3. Modeling Covid-19, led by Professor Rick Durrett
  4. PDE modeling of collective motion, led by Professors Alexander Kiselev and Siming He
  5. Materials science problems: numerical methods and techniques, led by Professor Saulo Orizaga
  6. Enriched Euler numbers for line bundles, led by Professor Kirsten Wickelgren