Eric Sorensen

2013 Major: Mathematics; Minor: Visual Arts

Currently: Student, University of Virginia School of Medicine — Charlottesville, Virginia

How has being a Mathematics graduate from Duke helped shape your professional success?

"Studying math at Duke gave me the sense that I could do almost anything if I put my mind to it. Confidence in yourself if very important to professional success, and studying math gave me great confidence in my analytical and problem-solving skills. I hope the ways of thinking I honed solving math problems and writing proofs will help my career as a physician."

What advice would you give students in Mathematics?

"Bear with me:

"1) Do research if you can--I didn't and probably should have. Research will deepen your appreciation of the field and help you stand out.

"2) Take some computer science courses--I didn't and regret it.  

"3) Learn how to write, and develop your interpersonal skills; studying math teaches you a lot, but not these skills. Some ideas: read books, write, join clubs, join Toastmasters, take an improv class. And learn how to negotiate.

"4) Stay fit and eat well."

Eric Sorensen