p-adic dynamics of Hecke operators on modular curves

p-adic dynamics of Hecke operators on modular curves

Number Theory Seminar

Eyal Goren (McGill University)

Friday, December 6, 2019 -
2:00pm to 3:15pm
259 Physics

The action of Hecke operators in the complex topology, ranges from easy density arguments, to deep equidistribution results due to Duke, Clozel-Ullmo and others. Passing from archimedean to non-archimedean primes raises many interesting questions. I will first explain several good motivations to study this problem, coming both from geometry (stratifications of Shimura varieties) and from arithmetic (properties of singular moduli). I will report on joint work with P. Kassaei (King’s college) on the dynamics of Hecke operators acting on modular curves, considered in the p-adic topology. I will also mention work of Hererro, Menares and Rivera-Letelier and, to the extent time allows, work in progress by the union of these two teams.

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