Daily Tea

a tea party at which the guests speak in mathematical formulae.It is a tradition in the Math Department to have a Daily Tea every afternoon from 3:00-3:30pm.  Simple refreshments are served, such as cookies, fruits, nuts, and chocolates, as well as coffee and tea.  The Daily Tea provides a nice informal afternoon break that gives everyone the chance get out of their offices and chat with colleagues.  It also serves as a good lead-in to the 3:15 talks.

We ask all faculty, post docs, and graduate students to please sign up to sponsor the Daily Tea (link to sign-up schedule sent via email).  Sponsoring involves retrieving the Tea Key from the front office, setting out refreshments at 3:00pm, and then cleaning up by 4pm.

Rules and Guidelines for the Daily Tea

The Department purchases the staples for tea:  cookies/biscuits, nuts, dried fruit, chocolate.  If you would like to supplement this with something special, such as baked goods or fruit, you are welcome to do so.  No alcohol is to be served at the Daily Tea.

Tea Supplies
All food, coffee and tea is in the locked cupboard under the microwave.  The key is kept in the front office next to the color copier - on a magnet, on the wall.  Choose two kinds of cookies/biscuits and lay them on a tray.  Fill a bowl with chocolates and a bowl with nuts or dried fruit.  If there are leftovers from the previous day, please set those out first.

The cabinet above the microwave contains supplies such as trays, bowls, plates, napkins, and flatware.  If any supplies are running low, please let the front office know.

Set Up and Clean Up. The food is set out before 3:00pm each day of the week.  Food should be put away by 4pm, when the seminar is over.

  • Plastic ziploc bags and aluminum foil for leftovers is in the bottom drawer to the right of the sink.
  • When you clean up, please wash, rinse and dry trays and bowls before putting them back in the cabinet.
  • Any dishes that need to be recycled must be rinsed before going into the bin.

We appreciate that you volunteer for tea - it allows us to keep this tradition of taking a break and coming together.

Last updated: 2020/07/03 - 6:35am