Number Theory

Last updated: 2019/09/20 - 2:22pm
Alexander Dunn (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
Friday, September 20 - 2:00 pm
Physics 047

Given a half-integral weight holomorphic newform f, we prove an asymptotic formula for the second moment of the twisted L-function over all primitive characters modulo a prime. In particular, we...

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Matt Baker (Georgia Tech, Mathematics)
Friday, September 20 - 3:15 pm
119 Physics

I will begin with an introduction to hyperfields (originally introduced by Krasner for number-theoretic reasons), and then discuss a far-reaching generalization, Oliver Lorscheid’s theory of ordered...

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Jessica Fintzen
Friday, October 11 - 12:00 pm
Physics 119

Chen Wan (MIT)
Friday, October 11 - 3:15 pm
119 Physics

In this talk, I will discuss the local multiplicity problem for spherical varieties. I will start with the conjecture of Sakellaridis and Venkatesh. Then I will discuss the behavior of the...

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Jessica Fintzen (University of Michigan / University of Cambridge)
Friday, October 18 - 3:15 pm
119 Physics

Yunqing Tang (Princeton University)
Friday, October 25 - 3:15 pm
119 Physics

Eyal Goren (McGill University)
Friday, December 6 - 3:00 pm
119 Physics