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Last updated: 2019/11/14 - 2:35pm
Greg Lawler (Chicago)
Thursday, November 14 - 3:15 pm
119 Physics

The loop-erased walk is the process obtained be erasing loops chronologically from a simple random walk. It is closely related to a number of processes including uniform spanning trees. I will give a...

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Vincent Conitzer
Thursday, November 21 - 3:15 pm
119 Physics

When one cannot remember everything that happened before, how should one form beliefs and make decisions? Examples such as the Sleeping Beauty and Absentminded Driver scenarios provide some insight...

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Zoe Huang (Duke)
Thursday, December 5 - 3:15 pm
125 Hanes Hall UNC

Allan Sly (Princeton University)
Friday, April 10 - 12:00 pm