Grad Student Publications

Most papers can be found on the arXiv


Jianfeng Lu and Zhe Wang. The full configuration interaction quantum Mone Carlo method in the lens of inexact power iteration. arXiv:1711.09153

Erin Beckman, Emily Dinan, Rick Durrett, Ran Huo, and Matthew Junge. Asymptotic behavior of the Brownian frog model.arXiv:1710.05811

Ma Luo. The elliptic KZB connection and algebraic de Rham theory for unipotent fundamental groups of elliptic curves. arXiv:1710.07691

Irina Cristali, Vinit Ranjan, Jake Steinberg, Erin Beckman, Rick Durrett, Matthew Junge, and James Nolen. Block sizes in two families of regenerative permutations.arXiv:1708.05626

Aki Nishimura, David Dunson, and Jianfeng Lu. Discontinuous Hamiltonian Monte Carlo for sampling discrete parameters. arXiv 1705.08510

Yu Cao and Jianfeng Lu. Lindblad equation and its semiclassical limit of the Anderson-Holstein model. arXiv:1704.03838 Journal of Mathematical Physics. 58(2017):122105

Sachet Bangia, Christy Vaughn Graves, Gregory Herschlag, Han Sung Kang, ShiShi Luo, Jonathan Mattingly and Robert Ravier. Redistricting: Drawing the Line. arXiv 1704.03360

Kyle Thicke and Jianfeng Lu. Cubic scaling algorithms for RPA correlation using interpolative separable density fitting. arXiv:1704.030609 J. Comput. Phys., 351, 187-202

Y. Gao, H. Ji, J. Liu, T. P. Witelski, Global existence of solutions to a tear film model with locally elevated evaporation rates. Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena 350 (2017) 13-25

H. Ji, T. P. Witelski, Finite-time thin film rupture driven by modified evaporative loss. Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena. vol 342 (2017), pp. 1-15

Ruibo Ma and R. Durrett A simple evolutionary game arising from the study of the role of IGF-II in pancreatic cancer. Annals of Applied Probability to appear

Dong Yao, Pim van der Hoorn, Nelly Litvak. Average nearest neighbor degree in scale free networks. arXiv:1704.05707 Internet Mathematics to appear

Renjie Feng and Dong Yao. Zeros of repeated derivatives of random polynomials, submitted to Analysis and PDE.

R. Yin, T. Gao, L. Yue, and I. Daubechies. A tale of twin bases: local-nonlocal regularization on image patches with convolution framelets. SIAM Journal on Imaging Science,10 (2017), 711-750-

R. Yin and I. Daubechies. Directional wavelet bases constructions with dyadic quincunx subsampling. Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications. (2017)


Xin Xiong. Extended Klein model and a bound on curves with negative sef-intersecction. arXiv 1610.08140

Jieren Xu, Haizhao Yang, Ingrid Daubechies. Recursive Diffeomorphism-Based Regression for Shape Functions arXiv:1610.03819 SIAM J. Math Analysis 50, 5-32

Josh Cruz, C. Guisti, V. Itskov, and W. Kronholm. On Open and Closed Convex Codes. arXiv:1609.03502

Henri Roesch. Proof of a Null Penrose Conjecture using a new Quasi-local Mass. arXiv 1609.028745

Yu Pan Exact Lagrangian fillings of Legendrian (2, n) torus links. arXiv:1607.03167 Pacific Journal of Mathematics 289 (2017), 417-441

Yu Pan The augmentation category map induced by exact Lagrangian cobordisms. arXiv:1606.05884 Algebraic & Geometric Topology 17 (2017), 1813-1870

Ran Huo and Rick Durrett. Latent Voter Model on Locally Tree-Like Random Graphs. arXiv 1605.03909 Stochastic Processes and Their Applications, to appear

Kyle Thicke and Jianfeng Lu. Orbital minimization method with l^1 regularization. arXiv:1605.010636 J. Comput. Phys. 336 (2017), 87-103

Aki Nishimura. Geometrically tempered Hamiltonian Monte Carlo, arXiv:1604.00872

Wojciech Czaja, Benjamin Manning, James M. Murphy, and Kevin Stubbs Discrete directional Gabor frames. Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis to appear

Robert Ravier and Bob Srrichartz. Sampling Theory with Average Values on the Sierpinski Gasket. Constructive Approximation. 44 (2016), 159-194

N.E. Temamogullari, H.F. Nijhout, M.C. Reed (2016). Mathematical Modeling of Perifusion Cell Culture Experiments on GnRH Signaling. Mathematical Biosciences. 276, 121-132

Shalla Hanson. A closer look at opposing models for the T cell response to pathogens, AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 1738, Issue 1, June 2016, doi: 10.1063/1.4952110

Diaz, Humberto The motive of the Fano surface of lines. C. R. Math. Acad. Sci. Paris 354 (2016), no. 9, 925-930


N. Beisert, M. de Leeuw, and P. Nag. Fusion for the one-dimensional Hubbard model. J. Phys. A 48 no. 32, (2015) 324002, arXiv:1503.04838

Aki Nisimura and David Dunson Recycling intermediate steps to improve Hamiltonian Monte Carlo. arXiv:1511.06925

Jieren Xu. Adaptive Multiscale Diffusion Tracking for Reconstructing White Matter Fiber Connectivity using Deep Neural Networks

Ken Duffy and Brendan Williamson. Estimating large deviations rate functions. arXiv:1511.02295

Caitlin Leverson, Augmentations and rulings of Legendrian links in $\#^k(S^1\times S^2)$ arXiv:1510.06071. Pacific J. Math 288 (2017) 381-423,

Dmitry Vagner, David Spivak, and Eugene Lerman. Algebras of open dynamical systems on the operad of wiring diagrams. Theory and Applications of Categories 30 (2015), 1793-1822