Getting Ready to the Start the First Year

Before you arrive

  • North Carolina Law requires that show proof of vaccination. The rules and necessary forms are here.
  • International students are provided with the necessary papers to obtain a visa before the beginning of the academic year. For more information, see Duke Visa Services or Duke International House.
  • International students will also need to register for the English Proficiency Exams given during Orientation Week. More information.
  • In June you will be assigned a mentor. Communicate with them by July 1 to decide on what you will take. The information is needed to be able to assign you a lab TA section.
  • Last, but not least, you will probably want a place to stay. The off campus housing web site or can help you with that. Many students live somewhere near Duke's East Campus (e.g., Trinity Park, Trinity Heights, Walltown, Old West Durham, Burch Avenue, etc.)

Things to do after you arrive

Come to the Front Office in Room 117 to take care of

  • (Re)introduce yourself to Laurie Triggiano (Assistant to the Director of Graduate Studies).  She will give you yor office keys.
  • You will be added to Duke University payroll by our Payroll Representative. If you are a U.S. citizen, please be sure to bring your U.S. Passport OR a Driver's License and Social Security card (or a copy of it). If you are an international student, make sure you have your Passport with you.
  • You will need to fill out the Duke Mathematics Department computer account page, in order to set up your Duke Mathematics email and webpage. You need to set up a Duke Mathematics Department computer account in order for us to list you in the grad student section of the Duke Mathematics website. Please be aware that your login name followed by "" will also serve as your email address.
  • Each of you will need to get a Duke Card to confirm your identity, allow access to facilities and services, and facilitate dining and purchases.
  • If you want to park your car on campus, most likely at a lot on East Campus, you need to get a parking permit. Once you have your Duke NetId you can apply online.

Stop by the office of the Director of Graduate Studies and (re)-introduce yourself: she is looking forward to welcoming you to Duke.

Training Week

This is the week before classes begin. In 2019 it is August 19-25.

  • The main event is training graduate students to teach. All new graduate students are required to attend. The schedule will not be finalized until about a week before it starts; to get a rough idea of the approximate schedule, see last year's schedule at the Training for Teaching Assistants page. 
  • The Graduate School requires that international students whose first language is not English demonstrate proficiency in academic English by taking oral and written exams upon their arrival at Duke. In 2017 our students will take this exam on August 18. If, based on the results of this testing, you are required to take one or more English classes, you should take one course per semester until they have been completed.
  • All entering students are required to attend an orientation on Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) (Natural Sciences/Engineering track, during orientation week). University Ph.D. graduation requirements involve taking 6 more credit-hours of RCR courses. This is usually the Friday of training week. ,

Your first paycheck

Incoming first-year graduate students receive their first monthly paycheck August 30.