Teaching Duties

Learning to teach is essential in the education of our math graduate students. Serving as a teaching assistant is critical both as part of a graduate student's professional development and their financial support.

Mathematics graduate students typically take on teaching responsibilities during their first year of graduate study when they serve as lab assistants and work in the Help Room. Beginning in their second year, they teach their own calculus class of 20-35 students, which meets 3 hours a week, and lead a weekly laboratory session supervised by two teaching assistants. The teacher training program for graduate students has been ongoing since Fall 1987.

Week-long Training

All entering graduate students are required to attend a one-week teacher training workshop before fall classes begin. This program is designed to prepare graduate students to lead calculus labs and to begin the training for teaching a laboratory calculus course.

2 Year-long Training and Mentoring

All first-year graduate students will participate in a year-long teacher training program. In this program, graduate students will attend seminars, observe current graduate student teachers, as well as practice teaching, grading, and exam writing. In addition, graduate students will receive guidance on how best to interact with undergraduates both in the classroom and in office hours. Once a graduate student begins teaching (typically in the second year), a faculty member will visit the class and provide feedback to the new teacher.