Little or no calculus

If you have taken very little calculus (or none), your placement in Duke math courses will be based on your SAT or SAT II math scores.  Note that these are guidelines, not requirements.  If by the guidelines below some of your scores suggest different placements than others (maybe a low SAT score and a high ACT score), then you should use the "Contact the SFI" form below.  We also encourage you to come to our Math Placement Open House on the Saturday morning before the first day of classes.

If you have these test scores: We recommend this course:
  • Your Math SAT score is between 550 and 710
  • Your Math SAT II score is between 530 and 710
  • Your ACT Math score is between 22 and 30
Laboratory Calculus and Functions I
  • Your Math SAT or SAT II score is at least 710
  • Your ACT Math score is at least 30

Laboratory Calculus I

Note: If your scores indicate borderline qualification for MATH 111L Laboratory Calculus I and you have taken no calculus whatsoever, you should start with MATH 105L.

If you are still not sure what would be the right course for you to enroll in or if you have a different placement question, go to Contacting the SFI to fill out and submit a request for assistance. The Supervisor of First-year Instruction will need this information to be able to respond to your question.