Math @ Large


The PLUM (Public Lectures Unveiling Math) lecture series is aimed at a general audience and is focused on promoting mathematics in general by presenting inspiring stories about mathematics. Lectures may describe an incredible journey for finding fundamental truths or could be about how mathematics is used for real world applications. PLUM is supported by the iiD, by the Department of Math, by the Department of ECE, and by Duke Undergraduate Math Union.


SWiM (Summer Workshop in Mathematics) is a 9-day workshop for female rising senior high school students interested in mathematics. All students currently in their junior year of high school are eligible to apply. Participants in the workshop will attend two mathematical courses, and in the afternoon work in groups on an exploration topic related to a course of their choice. Throughout the workshop students will meet undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty of the Department of Mathematics at Duke University.

re:boot Number Theory

Re:boot is a 2.5 day intensive "boot camp" for women in number theory that takes place at Duke University during the summer. Days at this unusual event will be focused on developing detailed long-term research trajectories. Activities will not include standard research talks, but will instead be organized around (a) focused discussions on current developments in areas of number theory; (b) time periods spent on specific writing "assignments" meant to help solidify research plans relevant to grant-writing and job applications; (c) vertically integrated mentoring; (d) Q&A sessions with mathematicians who have participated in grant writing and grant evaluation and hiring committees; (e) opportunities to get feedback from peers and to gain new mentors.

Duke Math Meet

Duke Math Meet (DMM) is a regional mathematics competition for high school students held at Duke University every year. The contest is organized by the members of the Duke University Mathematics Union (DUMU), and is sponsored by the mathematics department. The DMM lasts for one day from morning to afternoon, during which the students have fun solving challenging mathematics problems, while making many new friends with contestants from other schools and states.