Each semester the Duke Mathematics department offers a number of 5-week mini-courses at the graduate level. Some of these courses are introductions to cutting edge current topics, while others fill holes in our graduate course offerings.  Still others build bridges between mathematics and neighboring disciplines.

MATH 790-90

*All classes held in 205 Physics*


Section Course Instructor Days/times
790-90.01 Introduction to Intersection Theory Wickelgren Tu Th 1 :25-2:40pm
790-90.03 Intro to Integrable Systems and Riemann-Hilbert problems Venakides Tu Th 1:25-2:40pm
790-90.04 Tropical Methods in Curve Counting Rabinoff Tu Th 10:05-11:20am
790-90.05 Selected topics from Functional Analysis Nagy Tu Th 1:25-2:50pm
790-90.06 TBA Schoen Tu Th 10:05-11:20am