Helping Art Conservators study X-ray Images of Paintings

Prof. Ingrid Daubechies is one of the pioneers of applied mathematicians collaborating with artists, art historians and art conservators in the emerging inter-disciplinary field of math and art, leading projects aimed at applying advanced image processing and machine learning techniques to assist people in art analysis.

Recently, a Photoshop plug-in tool that uses mathematical algorithms to allow art conservators to better analyze paintings using X-ray images was released at .
This tool helps art conservators remove cradle artifacts in X-ray images of paintings efficiently and effectively.
It is built on the original work by graduate student Rujie (Rachel) Yin and then later deployed with the support of Kress foundation by electrical engineers, Gabor Fodor and Bruno Cornelis.  Art conservator Noelle Ocon from North Carolina Museum of Art is the art consultant and collaborator of this project.