Jiuya Wang wins dissertation prize at JMM 2019

Jiuya WAng

The Association for Women in Mathematics has awarded assistant research professor of mathematics Jiuya Wang the 2019 AWM Dissertation Prize, an annual award for the most outstanding Ph.D. dissertations presented by female mathematical scientists.

Wang received her Ph.D. in 2018 under mathematician Melanie Matchett Wood at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Wang works in arithmetic statistics, a branch of number theory. In her Ph.D. thesis she proved Malle’s conjecture for infinitely many non-abelian Galois groups. 

Colleagues who wrote letters supporting her nomination describe her work as “beautiful,” “impressive” and “a serious analytic accomplishment.” In addition, they expect the methods she developed will have many applications to the field of arithmetic statistics.

Wang is currently a Phillip Griffiths Assistant Research Professor and a Foerster-Bernstein Fellow at Duke. She will receive her prize at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Baltimore, Maryland, January 2019.