Math Contest in Modeling

For 96 hours this January, nearly 12500 teams around the world, including 480 from the US, competed in the annual Mathematical Contest in Modeling/Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling sponsored by COMAP.
Six open-ended problems were posted at 8pm on Thursday evening and teams researched, created a model, wrote up their solutions and then submitted them to COMAP on the following Monday at 8pm.
The teams of Haoyang Gu, Yang Liu, Misty Sha and of Trung Can, Lien Hoang, Chi Trinh were awarded Meritorious and the teams of Ksenia Sokolova, Yuqi Yun and of Zihan Feng, Jessica Jara, and M’Nkubitu were named Honorable Mention. Three other teams successfully competed this year.
Congratulations to all for their exceptional performance in the 2016 MCM/ICM.