Math Placement Open House

Do you have questions about where to start in math?  Come to the Math Placement Open House on the Saturday before the first day of classes, 9am-noon in Physics 123, and let us help!  Faculty teaching a range of introductory courses will be there ready to help you figure out class would be best to start with, and even what other courses might best help you prepare for the math needs of your major. 

Until then, see our Placement Page where you will find detailed general guidance on placement, and our Enrollment Policies Page, where you will find much discussion about enrollment, wait lists, and related issues.

If you are interested in Math 202 or Math 212 and do not have AP/IPC credit for calc 2 (usually Math 22, check your DukeHub to see), note that this calc 2 requirement for those courses is enforced.  See the registration page for the Math 122L Proficiency Exam to read about and register for that exam -- a strong performance on which will earn you a place in one of those classes.