SIAM Certificate Awarded to Hangjie Ji

Graduate Student and new PhD, Hangjie (Jessie) Ji, was recognized by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) for her "outstanding efforts and accomplishments" on behalf of the Duke University SIAM chapter. She is pictured here with... read more »

Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM)

Vinit Ranjan, Kelly Zhang, and Junmo Ryang are a group of prospective math majors who all met in high school at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, where they first competed in MCM, but on separate teams. This year, they came... read more »

Alumni Profile: Philip Andreae

Phillip Andreae graduated from Duke with a PhD in Mathematics, specializing in geometry. After graduation in 2016, he joined Meredith College as an Assistant Professor. While at Duke, Dr.... read more »

New Number Systems Seek Their Lost Primes: Prof. Lillian Pierce is featured in Quanta magazine

For centuries, mathematicians tried to solve problems by adding new values to the usual numbers. Now they’re investigating the unintended consequences of that tinkering.... read more »

New Approach to Bone Remodeling

Kevin Murgas (Biomedical Engineering, Class 2017), started working on this project during a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program in mathematical biology in the summer of 2015. Together with his research mentor, Dr. Marc Ryser, they... read more »

New SIAM Chapter at Duke Mathematics!

SIAM is the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics. We formed this chapter to promote collaboration, interdisciplinary activities, and fellowship between graduate students in the Mathematics and other related departments. Our newly formed... read more »

Professor Lillian Pierce wins NSF CAREER Award and von Neumann Fellowship

Lillian Pierce, Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics has been offered a CAREER award from the National Science Foundation. The CAREER Award (CAREER: The Faculty Early Career Development Program) is a foundation-wide activity that... read more »

Math Beyond Bars

Matt Junge, a newly hired research assistant professor, taught at the Dan River Prison and Work Farm during the 2016 Autumn semester. The course in college algebra focused on solving polynomial, exponential and logarithmic equations. Students... read more »

Spatial Evolutionary Games

This summer, North Carolina School of Science and Math student Mridu Nanda spent five weeks on the Duke campus working with James B. Duke Professor Rick Durrett. The topic of their research was Spatial Evolutionary Games, which can be used to study... read more »