Mathematical Problems in Industry

The Mathematical Problems in Industry (MPI) is a week long workshop where companies bring real world problems to students and researchers in mathematics to find solutions. MPI takes place at a different university every summer. This is the first... read more »

Duke University Mathematics Union (DUMU)

The Duke University Math Union (DUMU) is devoted to organizing and providing resources to students interested in mathematics. Throughout the year, we invite guest lecturers, organize social events, and host a high school contest in mathematics.... read more »

Professor David Kraines Retires

After 45 years teaching at Duke, David Kraines will become emeritus at Duke this summer. Kraines attended Oberlin College and the University of California at Berkeley where he received his doctorate in 1965 under the supervision of Ed Spanier. After... read more »

Professor J. Thomas Beale Retires

Professor J Thomas Beale will retire from the mathematics Department in August after 33 years at Duke. A native of Georgia, he was an undergraduate at Caltech and earned his Ph.D. in mathematics at Stanford with the supervision of Ralph Phillips. He... read more »

Post-Game Roundup from the Brain Teaser Bowl

A Duke team crushed more than 500 other schools in the NCAA tournament of the math world, known by mathletes as the... read more »

For 96 hours this January, nearly 12500 teams around the world, including 480 from the US, competed in the annual Mathematical Contest in Modeling/Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling sponsored by COMAP. Six open-ended problems were posted at 8pm... read more »

Six students have been named 2016 PRUV Fellows and will work on a variety of research projects from algebraic geometry and number theory to modeling biological systems. They are Trung Can, Matthew Gherman, Feng Gui, Mendel... read more »

Putnam Competition

The Duke Putnam team finished 10th among 577 colleges and universities in the 76th W.L Putnam Mathematical Competition. The student coach of the team, Alex Milu’15, received Honorable Mention (top 2%) and Trung Can ’18... read more »

Julia Dale Award

The Julia Dale winners for 2016 are Lindsey Brown, Bryan Liu and Paul Ziquan Yang. Each of these students excelled in upper level and graduate math courses and wrote an innovative senior thesis. Under the direction of Mike Reed and... read more »

Graduation with Distinction

The following graduating math majors have written their Senior Honors Theses on their math or math related research:  Lindsey Brown, Abstract Algebra and Neural Code for Sound Localization in Barn Owls... read more »