Prospective Students

Our department, consisting of around 30 tenure track faculty, has a harmonious mixture of faculty members in a wide variety of areas, both pure and applied. In addition to the regular faculty, there are about two dozen postdocs and visitors, producing a lively atmosphere with many seminars, conferences, and special events:

Many researchers in the mathematics department interact with people in statistics and computer science, the physical and biological sciences, and the school of medicine. Two other universities are close by: UNC in Chapel Hill and N.C. State in Raleigh. Nearby Research Triangle Park is home to an NSF sponsored statistics institute (SAMSI) and more than 100 companies.

Our mathematics graduate program is small (roughly 50 Ph.D. students), which allows for a close relationship between faculty and students. There are very few course requirements, giving students tremendous flexibility to pursue their interests

Students can take courses in Computer Science or Statistics to enhance their research skills and job prospects. Several faculty from these departments are members of the graduate faculty and thus can be thesis advisors. The fact that a four person committee supervises students from their preliminary exam to thesis defense allows for faculty from other departments in biological and physical sciences to participate in graduate student thesis research.

Students admitted to the mathematics graduate study program are guaranteed five years of support, as long as they are making satisfactory progress toward the Ph.D. During the first two years TA duties are light and summer funding is guaranteed. After that, students are usually supported through a combination of teaching assistantships and research grants.

Our goal for all students is to finish in five years and get a good job. While about 1/3 of our students do take six years, we have had great success placing our graduates. The majority go to postdoctoral positions at research universities or teaching positions at small colleges. However many find good jobs in industry or at governmental agencies. Many students do summer internships with companies. Work is underway to expand those activities and to facilitate placement with companies in the area.