Seth L. Warner, Math Professor Emeritus Dies

Seth Warner

Seth L. Warner, Math Professor Emeritus, died April 20, 2017.  Seth joined the Duke faculty as a research instructor in mathematics in 1955, became a professor in 1965, and served 11 years as departmental chairman before his retirement in 1995. He published 33 articles and two texts, Topological Fields and Topological Rings, he also published a two-volume text on modern algebra in 1954, which was reprinted in 1990. Seth studied the organ under H. Frank Bozyan while at Yale, Melville Smith while attending Harvard and under Andre’ Marchal while in France. He was well known for his performances on Duke Chapel organs, often giving public demonstrations of the Flentrop organ every Thursday shortly after its installation in 1976. Professor Warner entered the Faculty Fitness Program in 1971 becoming a runner, and eventually a marathoner. He will be remembered by many and missed by all.

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