Francis Charles Motta

Francis Charles Motta
  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Education & Training
  • Ph.D., Colorado State University at Fort Collins 2014

Selected Grants

Analysis of High Dimensional Complex Spatio-Temporal Data awarded by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Postdoctoral Associate). 2015 to 2016

Motta, FC. "Topological Data Analysis: Developments and Applications." Advances in Nonlinear Geosciences. Ed. A Tsonis. Springer, November 11, 2017. 369-391. (Chapter)

Cho, C-Y, Motta, FC, Kelliher, CM, Deckard, A, and Haase, SB. "Reconciling conflicting models for global control of cell-cycle transcription." Cell cycle (Georgetown, Tex.) 16.20 (October 2017): 1965-1978. Full Text

Burris, CS, Motta, FC, and Shipman, PD. "An Unoriented Variation on de Bruijn Sequences." Graphs and Combinatorics 33.4 (July 2017): 845-858. Full Text

Francis C. Motta, , Patrick D. Shipman, , and Bethany D. Springer, . "Optimally Topologically Transitive Orbits in Discrete Dynamical Systems." The American Mathematical Monthly 123.2 (2016): 115-115. Full Text

Pearson, DA, Bradley, RM, Motta, FC, and Shipman, PD. "Producing nanodot arrays with improved hexagonal order by patterning surfaces before ion sputtering." Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics 92.6 (December 2015): 062401-. Full Text