John Harer

John Harer
  • Professor of Mathematics
External address: 109 Physic Bldg, Durham, NC 27708
Internal office address: Box 90320, Durham, NC 27708-0034
Phone: (919) 660-2845

Research Areas and Keywords

Biological Modeling
Gene Regulatory Networks, Network Inference
Computational Mathematics
Topological Data Analysis, Geometric Data Analysis, Network Dynamics, Network Inference
Signals, Images & Data
Topological Data Analysis, Geometric Data Analysis
Topological Data Analysis

Professor Harer's primary research is in the use of geometric, combinatorial and computational techniques to study a variety of problems in data analysis, shape recognition, image segmentation, tracking, brain imaging, biological networks and gene expression.

Harer, J. "On handlebody structures for hypersurfaces in ℂ3 and ℂP3." Mathematische Annalen 238.1 (1978): 51-58. Full Text

Bern, M, Eppstein, D, Agarwal, PK, Amenta, N, Chew, P, Dey, T, Dobkin, DP, Edelsbrunner, H, Grimm, C, Guibas, LJ, Harer, J, Hass, J, Hicks, A, Johnson, CK, Lerman, G, Letscher, D, Plassmann, P, Sedgwick, E, Snoeyink, J, Weeks, J, Yap, C, and Zorin, D. "Emerging Challenges in Computational Topology."

Turner, K, Mileyko, Y, Mukherjee, S, and Harer, J. "Fréchet Means for Distributions of Persistence diagrams." Open Access Copy

Munch, E, Turner, K, Bendich, P, Mukherjee, S, Mattingly, J, and Harer, J. "Probabilistic Fréchet Means for Time Varying Persistence Diagrams." Full Text Open Access Copy


Former Graduate Students

  • Anne Collins (01/2002 - 01/2006): Configuration Spaces in Robotic Manipulation and Motion Planning