Lenhard Lee Ng

Lenhard Ng
  • Eads Family Professor
  • Professor of Mathematics
External address: 216 Physics Bldg, 120 Science Drive, Durham, NC 27708
Internal office address: Box 90320, Durham, NC 27708-0320
Phone: (919) 660-6972
Office Hours: 

Spring 2019 (tentative):

  • Mondays 2:00-3:00
  • Thursdays 2:45-3:45

and by appointment.

Research Areas and Keywords

Geometry: Differential & Algebraic
symplectic geometry, contact geometry
Mathematical Physics
topological string theory
low-dimensional topology, knot theory

My research mainly focuses on symplectic topology and low-dimensional topology. I am interested in studying structures in symplectic and contact geometry (Weinstein manifolds, contact manifolds, Legendrian and transverse knots), especially through holomorphic-curve techniques. One particular interest is extracting topological information about knots through cotangent bundles, and exploring relations to topological string theory. I have also worked in Heegaard Floer theory, quantum topology, and sheaf theory, especially as they relate to Legendrian and transverse knots.

Education & Training
  • Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2001

Selected Grants

Holomorphic Invariants in Symplectic Topology awarded by National Science Foundation (Principal Investigator). 2017 to 2020

Knots and contact topology through holomorphic curves awarded by National Science Foundation (Principal Investigator). 2014 to 2018

Simons Foundation Fellowship awarded by Simons Foundation (Principal Investigator). 2015 to 2016

CAREER: Symplectic Field Theory and Low-Dimensional Topology awarded by National Science Foundation (Principal Investigator). 2009 to 2015

Holomorphic Curves and Low-Dimensional Topology awarded by National Science Foundation (Principal Investigator). 2007 to 2010

Ekholm, T, Ng, L, and Shende, V. "A complete knot invariant from contact homology." Inventiones Mathematicae 211.3 (March 1, 2018): 1149-1200. Full Text Open Access Copy

Ng, L, Rutherford, D, Shende, V, and Sivek, S. "The cardinality of the augmentation category of a Legendrian link." Mathematical Research Letters 24.6 (2017): 1845-1874. Full Text Open Access Copy

Cieliebak, K, Ekholm, T, Latschev, J, and Ng, L. "Knot contact homology, string topology, and the cord algebra." Journal De L'Ecole Polytechnique Mathematiques 4 (January 1, 2017): 661-780. Full Text Open Access Copy

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Ng, L, and Rutherford, D. "Satellites of Legendrian knots and representations of the Chekanov-Eliashberg Algebra." Algebraic and Geometric Topology 13.5 (August 1, 2013): 3047-3097. Full Text Open Access Copy

Ekholm, T, Etnyre, JB, Ng, L, and Sullivan, MG. "Knot contact homology." Geometry and Topology 17.2 (May 13, 2013): 975-1112. Full Text Open Access Copy


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