Miao (Pam) Gu

I'm a first-year graduate student interested in number theory. My advisor is Jayce Getz. I'm currently working on automorphic forms/automorphic L-functions. Specifically, I’m working on Generalizations of the Poisson summation formula conjectured by Braverman and Kazhdan, L. Lafforgue, Ngo and Sakellaridis. 

Factorization tests and algorithms arising from counting modular forms and automorphic representations (with Greg Martin), Canadian Mathematical Bulletin, to appear.

Thirteenth Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium (ANTS-XIII), University of Wisconsin, Madison, July 16-20, 2018.
Poster: Factorization tests and algorithms arising from counting modular forms and automorphic representations.

1. Arizona Winter School 2019: Topology and Arithmetic, University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ, March 2-6, 2019
   Research Project: Tamagawa Numbers in the Function Field Case 
   Supervisor: Jacob Lurie
2. On the Langlands Program: Endoscopy and Beyond, Institute for Math Sciences(IMS, National University of Singapore, Dec 17, 2018-Jan 11, 2019
3. Connecticut Summer School in Number Theory/CTNT 2018 Conference, University of Connecticut, May 28-June 3, 2018
4. Western Summer School in Algebra, University of Alberta, Aug14-18, 2017

Gu, M., and G. Martin. “Factorization Tests and Algorithms Arising from Counting Modular Forms and Automorphic Representations.” Canadian Mathematical Bulletin, vol. 62, no. 1, Mar. 2019, pp. 81–97. Scopus, doi:10.4153/CMB-2018-035-0. Full Text