Ran Huo

Ran Huo
  • Teaching Assistant
Phone: +1 919 660 2800

Doctoral of Philosophy (PhD) Student in Mathematics, 2014-present

I am a mathematician specialized in probability and stochastic processes. In particular, I have been working on voter models on random graphs and am familiar with contact processes, random walks as well as other related interacting particle systems. I am interested in the evolution of the model along with its asymptotic behaviors. A canonical application is the study of competitions among technologies on diverse social networks.

Besides, I am currently working on important sampling and specifically KL-divergence. I am curious about optimizing the size of data sets needed in various experiments.

Before coming to duke, I worked on directed polymer models in random environments for my undergrad research.

I serve as vice president of Graduate Student Chapter of Duke University in SIAM and an International House orientation peer at Duke University. 

Educational Background

  Bachelor of Science:  Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, graduate with distinction

  Nanjing University, China 2010-2014

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