Ran Huo

Doctoral of Philosophy (PhD) Student in Mathematics, 2014-present

I am a mathematician specialized in probability and stochastic processes. In particular, I have been working on voter models on random graphs and am familiar with contact processes, random walks as well as other related interacting particle systems. I am interested in the evolution of the model along with its asymptotic behaviors. A canonical application is the study of competitions among technologies on diverse social networks.

Besides, I am currently working on important sampling and specifically KL-divergence. I am curious about optimizing the size of data sets needed in various experiments.

Before coming to duke, I worked on directed polymer models in random environments for my undergrad research.

I serve as vice president of Graduate Student Chapter of Duke University in SIAM and an International House orientation peer at Duke University. 

Educational Background

  Bachelor of Science:  Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, graduate with distinction

  Nanjing University, China 2010-2014

Huo, R, and Durrett, R. "Latent voter model on locally tree-like random graphs." Stochastic Processes and Their Applications 128.5 (May 2018): 1590-1614. Full Text Open Access Copy

Beckman, E, Dinan, E, Durrett, R, Huo, R, and Junge, M. "Asymptotic behavior of the Brownian frog model." Electronic Journal of Probability 23.0 (2018). Full Text Open Access Copy