Private Tutoring

Each semester there are a number of graduate and undergraduate students who wish to serve as private tutors. As a service to students seeking private tutors, the Math Department keeps a list on file of individuals who have registered to be Math tutors.

Please Note:

  • Students hiring private tutors are responsible for paying the rate set by the tutor.
  • By putting the name of an individual on this list, the Math Department is neither endorsing or recommending that individual.
  • Many/most of these tutors should be able to tutor remotely through Zoom.  Check with individual tutors about their status on this.

Mathematics Tutors

Beckett, Matthew Grad student - Math Webpage All courses except 216
Bell, Mike Grad student - Math (former) All courses
Galimova, Aygul Grad student - Math Calculus courses
Hur, Brian Undergrad - Math All courses
Liang, Li Grad student - Econ (former) 105L, 106L, 111L, 112L, 122L, 202D, 216, 353 (Skype/Facetime)
Lin, Michael Grad student - Math Webpage Single variable calculus and multivariable calculus
McKean, Stephen Grad student - Math


All courses
Ordog, Erika Grad student - Math Webpage 105L, 106L, 111L, 112L, 121, 122L, 202, 212, 216, 221, 371, 401, 501
Ravier, Robert Grad student - Math Webpage All courses
Schronce, Meghan Grad student - Math (former) All courses
Zhang, Chris Grad student - Math (former) 105L, 106L, 111L, 112L, 122L, 202, 212

Do you want to tutor?

If you are interested in adding your name to this tutoring list, please submit an application, and then send an email message to Clark Bray with information requested in the application.