Undecidability of polynomial inequalities in weighted graph homomorphism densities


Blekherman, G; Raymond, A; Wei, F


Many problems and conjectures in extremal combinatorics concern polynomial inequalities between homomorphism densities of graphs where we allow edges to have real weights. Using the theory of graph limits, we can equivalently evaluate polynomial expressions in homomorphism densities on kernels W, that is, symmetric, bounded and measurable functions W from. In 2011, Hatami and Norin proved a fundamental result that it is undecidable to determine the validity of polynomial inequalities in homomorphism densities for graphons (i.e., the case where the range of W is, which corresponds to unweighted graphs or, equivalently, to graphs with edge weights between and). The corresponding problem for more general sets of kernels, for example, for all kernels or for kernels with range, remains open. For any 0$ ]]>, we show undecidability of polynomial inequalities for any set of kernels which contains all kernels with range. This result also answers a question raised by Lovász about finding computationally effective certificates for the validity of homomorphism density inequalities in kernels.


Blekherman, G., A. Raymond, and F. Wei. “Undecidability of polynomial inequalities in weighted graph homomorphism densities.” Forum of Mathematics, Sigma 12 (March 18, 2024). https://doi.org/10.1017/fms.2024.19.
Forum of Mathematics Sigma

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