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SIAM (Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics) is the leading international organization for professional research in applied mathematics. The Duke SIAM student chapter was established in January 2017 and is a group for students, postdocs, faculty and staff interested in applied mathematics. Our goal is to foster an active interdisciplinary STEM community at Duke by organizing professional, academic, and social events for members.

Student Membership

SIAM offers a free student membership to Duke students. Benefits include a discount on SIAM books. The chapter is also open to undergraduates.

Current Officers

President: Ruby Kim
Vice President: Jingzhen Hu
Treasurer: Jessica Leete
Webmaster: Qingzhong Liang
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Tom Witelski

SIAM events
Upcoming Local and SIAM Events

Past Events
  • Duke SIAM-AWM Graduate Student Talk,Friday, October 25th, 3:30-4:30pm, Room 235 Physics

    Determining Risk Factors for Triple Whammy Acute Kidney Injury: Sex-specific Modeling and Analysis
    Jessica Leete

    Concurrent use of a diuretic, a renin-angiotensin system (RAS) inhibitor, and a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) significantly increases the risk of acute kidney injury (AKI). This phenomenon is known as `triple whammy'. Diuretics and RAS inhibitors, such as an angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor (ACEI) or angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB), are often prescribed in tandem for the treatment of hypertension, whereas some NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen, are available over the counter. As such, concurrent treatment with all three drugs is not uncommon. The goals of this study are to better understand the mechanisms underlying the development of triple whammy AKI and to identify physiological factors that may increase an individual's susceptibility. To accomplish these goals, we utilize computational models of long-term blood pressure regulation. We found that individual variation in water intake or the myogenic response as well as high dosages of these drugs may predispose triple whammy patients to develop AKI. The computational models used include variables describing the heart and circulation, kidney function, sodium and water reabsorption in the nephron and the RAS, and are parameterized separately for men and women.

  • Fall student welcome/organizational lunch, Thursday, September 19, 2019.
  • Industry Jobs discussion with Prof. Rachel Levy

    BIG jobs guide

  • Mathematics Department PLUM Public Lecture: December 3, 2018, Rachel Levy

    Rachel Levy PLUM lecture 2018

  • TAGMaC 2018

    Triangle Area Graduate Mathematics Conference (TAGMaC) was founded in 2015 at NC State University by graduate students Daniel Bernstein, Eva Brayfindley, Amanda Laubmeier, Molly Lynch, and Kristen Moody and faculty advisers Radmila Sazdanovic and Seth Sullivant. The goal of TAGMaC is to provide an opportunity for graduate students in the mathematics departments in the Triangle Area to communicate ideas and share experience in mathematics research.

    TAGMac2018_4TAGMaC2018_3TAGMaC2018_2TAGMac 2018_1

  • Graduate School and Job Application Panel, November 13, 2017

    panel poster

    • Grad School Application Panel

      Learn from current math graduate students their experience of applying to gradua te school and their tips for prospective students.

    • Job Application Panel

      Join our faculty members, professors of practice and postdocs in a discussion of current situation of the job market, and learn about what the hiring committee is looking for and how you can make your application stand out from the application pool.

    • CV/Cover Letter Workshop

      The panels will be followed by a hands-on workshop on how to write a successful CV/cover letter workshop. Prof. Witelski will give us a short presentation on go od CVs and cover letters. Then participants can spend the rest of time using peer review to improve application materials.



  • SIAM Orientation Meeting, September 22, 2017

    Orientation Meeting

    The Duke student chapter of SIAM is holding an orientation meeting on Friday, September 22. SIAM membership is free to all Duke students. The meeting will provide an overview of the organization and membership benefits, list of events for the semester, officer elections, and new member induction into the National SIAM organization. Refreshments will be provided.



  • TAGMaC 2017, April 23, 2017

    This semester, the Duke University AMS and SIAM graduate student chapters will host the biannual Triangle Area Graduate Mathematics Conference (TAGMaC). The event will occur on Sunday April 23 in the Duke Physics Building. The plenary speaker will be Professor Dave Rose from UNC. Dave also graduated with his PhD from Duke in 2012! Our organizers are Hangjie Ji, Sarah Ritchey, Robert Ravier, Shan Shan, and Dmitry Vagner.

    The goal of TAGMaC is for students in the graduate mathematics departments (NC State, UNC Chapel Hill, Duke) in the Triangle Area to come together as a mathematical community to share in their various mathematical experiences. Graduate students will give 20 minute talks about their research. The talks need not be presentations of precise mathematical results. Rather, the purpose is for the talks to introduce other graduate students to one's area of research: What sort of concepts and problems is one considering? Where within mathematics do one's interests lie? what is the path of ideas, from graduate courses to the advanced papers in the field, that one has to traverse to arrive at their work? What are some fascinating phenomena you'd like to share? We want you to tell us the mathematical story of your research so as to demystify unfamiliar areas of mathematics as well as, for younger graduate students, the world of mathematical research. This is the perfect opportunity to give your first research talk!


  • Teleconference with Professor Andrea Bertozzi, November 4, 2016

    The teleconference with Professor Andrea Bertozzi from UCLA was hosted on November 4 in the conference room (Physics 115). Prof. Bertozzi is a great applied mathematician and a short biography of her can be found below. The teleconference this afternoon will be an informal and interesting conversation with her. Please come and join us.

    Teleconference1Teleconference 2

    Andrea Bertozzi is an applied mathematician with expertise in nonlinear partial differential equations and fluid dynamics. She also works in the areas of geometric methods for image processing, crime modeling and analysis, and swarming/cooperative dynamics. She was on the faculty at Duke University from 1995-2004 first as Associate Professor of Mathematics and then as Professor of Mathematics and Physics. She has served as the Director of the Center for Nonlinear and Complex Systems while at Duke. Bertozzi moved to UCLA in 2003 as a Professor of Mathematics. Since 2005 she has served as Director of Applied Mathematics, overseeing the graduate and undergraduate research training programs at UCLA.