Exam Schedule & Final Exam Rooms

Exam Schedule

The Exam Schedule for this term is posted on the Registrar's website at this URL: http://registrar.duke.edu/registration/exam-schedules

Please note that undergraduate students having three final examinations that begin and end within a 24-hour time period (any contiguous combination of the 9AM, 2PM, and 7PM exam times) or two final examinations during the same exam period may petition to have one exam changed to another date/time. If one of the exams under consideration is a block exam, the block exam will not be the exam that is changed. The form and schedule for making such a request is available on the Exam Schedule page noted above.

Math Block Final Exam Rooms

Your room assignment for your Math Block final exam should be indicated on ACES.  See the link above to the Exam Schedule for a listing of which courses are in the Math Block for this term.