Senior Theses and Undergraduate Papers

Below you will find a listing of mathematical papers.

See Duke Libraries for archived versions of recent honors theses.

Senior Honors Theses/Graduation with Distinction Papers
directed by mathematics faculty members

  • Lindsey Brown An Application of Abstract Algebra to the Neural Code for Sound Localization in Barn Owls (2016) [with M. Reed]
  • David Builes The Large Cardinal Hierarchy (2016) [with R. Hodel]
  • Kyle Casey Siegel Modular Forms (2016) [with L. Saper]
  • Bryan Runjing Liu Modeling the Effects of Positive and Negative Feedback in Kidney Blood Flow Control (2016) [with A. Layton]
  • Francois Thelot A Maximum Entropy Based Approach for the Descriptino of the Conformational Ensemble of Calmodulin from Paramagnetic NMR (2016) [with M. Maggioni and B. Daniels]
  • Will Victor Efficient algorithms for Traffic Data Analysis (2016)[computer science with P. Agarwal]
  • Paul Ziquan Yang Morphisms with Only Mild Singular Fibers and Bertini Theorems over Finite Fields (2016) [with C. Schoen]
  • Rex Zhitao Ying Approximation Algorithms of Dynamic Time Warping and Edit Distance (2016) [computer science with P. Agarwal]
  • Roger Zou Deformable Graph Model for Trackng Epithelial Cell Sheets in Florescence Microscopy (2016)[computer science with C. Tomasi]
  • Anne Talkington Modeling the Dynamics of Cancerous Cells in vivo (2015) [with R. Durrett]
  • Rowena Gan Geometry of Impressionist Music (2015) [with E. Miller]
  • David Hemminger Augmentation Rank of Satellites with Braid Pattern (2015) [with L. Ng and C. Cornwell]
  • Mandy Jiang Dynamic random network model for human papilloma virus transmission (2015) [with M. Ryser]
  • Hunter Nisonoff Efficient Partition Function Estimatation in Computational Protein Design (2015) [with M. Maggioni]
  • Eugene Rabinovich The Conformal Manifold in N=(2,2) SCFTs (2015)physics [with R. Plesser]
  • Marshall Ratliff Introducing the Cover tree to Music Information Retrieval (2015) [with P. Bendich]
  • Brett Schnobrich Heisenberg-Weyl Group, Subspace Packings, and Image Processing (2015) [with R. Calderbank]
  • Christy Vaughn Stochastic Study of Gerrymandering (2015) [with J. Mattingly]
  • Aashiq Dheeraj A Stochastic Spatial Model for Tumor Growth (2014) [with R. DurretT]
  • Joshua Izzard Rank p^2 Representations of Semisimple Lie Algebras (2014) [with J. Getz]
  • Kathleen Lan Coalescing random walks on n-block Markov chains (2014) [with K. McGoff]
  • Leslie Lei Lei Infinite Swapping Simulated Tempering (2014) [with J. Lu]
  • Julia Ni A convex approach to tree-based wavelet compression (2014) [with A. Thompson]
  • Jiarou Ivy Shen Merge times and hitting times of time-inhomogeneous Markov chains (2014) [with D. Sivakoff]
  • Daniel Stern Low-Order Lagrangians Depending on a Metric and a Matter Field of Arbitrary Rank (2014) [with H. Bray]
  • Daniel Vitek Knot Contact Homology and the Augmentation Polynomial (2014) [with C. Cornwell]
  • Alexander Wertheim Complex Multiplication on Elliptic Curves (2014) [with L. Saper]
  • Luxi Wei Modeling Credit Risk using Rating and Environmental Factors (2014) [with R. Durrett]
  • Timothy Chang On the existence of a simple winning strategy in the T(4.3) knot game (2013) [with D. Herzog]
  • Conrad de Peuter Modeling basketball games as alternating renewal-reward processes and predicting match outcomes (2013) [with R. Durrett]
  • Bryan Jacobson A practical approximation of persistent local homology (2013) [with P. Bendich]
  • Kara Karpman Simulating mucociliary transport using the method of regularized Stokelets (2013) [with A. Layton]
  • Carmen Lopez Modeling the folate pathway in Escherichia coli (2013) [with A. Layton]
  • James Malleree Strategy and honesty based comparison of preferential ballot voting methods (2013) [with H. Bray]
  • William Zhang Evolutionary dynamics in host pathogen model (2013) [with R. Durrett]
  • Ben Bellis Investigation of a Local Computation of the Signature from the Triangulation of a Manifold (2012) [with M. Stern]
  • Adrian Chan Pricing financial derivatives with multi-task machine learning and mixed effects method (2012) [with J. Bouvrie]
  • Kyu Won Choi Relative contributions of common jumps in realized correlations (2012) [with A. Petters]
  • Veronica Ciocanel Analysis of the nonlinear dynamics of the forced planar string pendulum (2012) [with T. Witelski]
  • Kaveh Danesh A branching process model of ovarian cancer (2012) [with R. Durrett]
  • Theo Frehlinghuysen Carbon sequestration via forest management techniques (2012) [with D. Kraines]
  • Yingyi Shen A study of edge toric ideals using associated graphs (2012) [with S. Mapes]
  • Daniel Thielman Complex-balanced steady state of chemical reaction networks that contain an Eulerian cycle (2012) [with C. Berkesch]
  • Kaitlin Daniels Noise driven Transitions between stable equilibria in stochastic dynamical systems (2011) [with A. Athreya]
  • Alan Guo Lattice point methods for combinatorial games (2011) [with E. Miller]
  • Nils Hultgren Centrality and network analysis: A perturbative approach to dynamical importance (2011) [with I. Matic]
  • Hans Kist Estimating carbon sequestration potential in the boreal forests (2011) [with D. Kraines]
  • Misha Lavrov Invariants in Legendrian links in the solid torus (2011) [with D. Rutherford]
  • Philip Pham Tubuloglomerular feedback signal transduction in the loops of Henle (2011) [with A. Layton]
  • Thames Sae Sue A simple cardiac model exhibiting stationary discordant alternans (2011) [with D. Schaeffer]
  • Max Tabachnik An analysis of preferential ballot voting methods (2011) [with H. Bray]
  • Bo Waggoner A model of the foot and ankle in running (2011) [with E. Bouzarth]
  • Wutichai Chongchitmate Classification of Legendrian knots and links (2010) [with L. Ng]
  • Jason D. Lee Multiscale analysis of dynamic graphs (2010) [with M. Maggioni]
  • Jeremy Semko Statistical analysis simulations of coarsening droplets coating a hydrophobic surface (2010) [with T. Witelski]
  • Amy Wen Model of feedback-mediated dynamics of coupled nephrons with compliant thick ascending limbs (2010) [with A. Layton]
  • Jason Ferguson Factorization of Primes in Biquadratic Extensions of Q (2009) [with C. Schoen]
  • Jared Haftel A Closer Look at ADC multivariate GARCH (2009) [with M. Huber]
  • Mark Hallen Improving accuracy and scope of quantitative FRAP analysis (2009) [with A. Layton]
  • Andy Ng Retinoid Transport in the Vision cycle (2009) [with J. Mercer]
  • Aaron Pollack Relations between special derivations arising from modular forms (2009) [with R. Hain]
  • Jesse Thorner Simplicial homology and DeRham's theorem (2009) [with W. Allard]
  • Barry Wright III Objective measures of preferential ballot voting systems (2009) [with H. Bray]
  • Michael Bauer Existence and stability of patterns arising from square wave forcing of the damped Mathieu equation (2008) [with A. Catlla]
  • Tirasan Khandhawit On Legandrean and transverse knots (2008) [with L. Ng]
  • Aalok Shah An overview of fast marching and optimal control methods for trajectory optimization (2008) [with W. Allard]
  • Charles Staats III Application of discrete geometry to the construction of Laurent-rational zeros (2008) [with S. Sharif]
  • Elliott Wolf Computational pathways to Godel's first incompletness theorem (2008) [with R. Hodel]
  • Lingen Zhang The motion of sets of vortices (2008) [with T. Witelski]
  • Morgan Brown An algorithm for tracking persistence pairing of a discrete homotopy of Morse functions on S^2 (2007) [with J.Harer]
  • Brandon Levin Class field theory and the problem of representing primes by binary quadratic forms (2007) [with L. Saper]
  • Stepan Paul Lines and conics relative to degenerating divisors in CP^2 (2007) [with J. Davis]
  • James Zou 3-D reconstruction and topological analysis of root architecture (2007) [with J. Harer]
  • Pradeep Baliga Dynamic cellular automata model of toll plaza traffic flows (2006) [with W. G. Mitchener]
  • Adam Chandler Dynamic cellular automata model of toll plaza traffic flows (2006) [with W. G. Mitchener]
  • Matthew Fischer Mapping model of cardiac-membrane dynamics (2006) [with D. Schaeffer]
  • Qinzheng Tian Simulation of Newtonian fluid flow between rotating cylinders (2006) [with T. Witelski]
  • Yee Lok Wong Models of instant runoff voting (2006) [with J. Mattingly]
  • Oaz Nir Mechanical Arms and Algebraic Topology (2005) [with J.Harer]
  • Mayank Varia Explict calculaton of the L invariant for Kummer surfaces (2005) [with J. Hanke]
  • David Arthur On the higher Hasse-Witt matrices and related in variants (2004) [with W. Pardon]
  • Suzy Borgschulte A mathematical approach to the panting of dogs (2004) [with M. Reed]
  • Lauren M. Childs Scaling population dynamics from the macroscopic to the microscopic (2004) [with T. Kepler]
  • Ryan Letchworth Wavelet methods for numerical solutions of differential equations (2004) [with S. Roudenko]
  • David Marks Coadjoint orbits and geometric quantization (2004) [with M.R. Plesser]
  • Lori Peacock Distributions of the small eigenvalues of Wishart matrices (2004) [with B. Rider]
  • Lindsay C. Piechnik Smooth reflexive 4-polytopes have quadratic triangulations (2004) [with C. Haase]
  • Matthew Toups A solution to the D0-D4 system of equations (2004) [with M. Stern]
  • Jenna VanLiere Mathematically modelling the growth and diversification of T-cell populations (2004) [with T. Kepler]
  • Matthew J. Atwood Evaluating singular and nearly singular integrals numerically (20(2003) [with J.T. Beale]
  • Marie Guerraty Controlling alternans in a cardiac map model (2003) [with M. Romeo]
  • Meredith C. Houlton Classification of critical curves and preliminary analysis of caustics (2003) [with A. Petters]
  • Steven R. Nicklas Envy and satisfaction in the public goods game (2003) [with D. Kraines]
  • Dane R. Voris A numerical approach to the M_t/M_t/N_t queue with abandonment (2003) [with B. Rider]
  • Melanie Wood Invariants and relations of the action of the absolute Galois group on dessins d'enfants and the algebraic fundamental group of the punctured sphere (2003) [with R. Hain]
  • Thomas W. Finley Efficient Myrinet routing (2002) [with W. Allard]
  • Samuel W. Malone Alternative Price Processes for Black-Scholes: Empirical Evidence and Theory (2002) [with A. Petters]
  • Carl Miller Exponential Iterated Integrals and the Solvable Completion of Fundamental Groups (2001) [with R. Hain]
  • Daniel Neill Optimality under Noise: Higher Memory Strategies for the Alternating Prisoner's Dilemma (2001) Computer Science [with D. Kraines]
  • Luis Von Ahn Models of the language of set theory and Zermelo Frankel axioms (2000) [with R. Hodel]
1999 and earlier
  • Christopher Beasley Superconformal theories from Branes at Singularities (1999) Physics [with R. Plesser]
  • Alexander Brodie Measurable Cardinals (1999) [with R. Hodel]
  • Jeffrey DiLisi The Biology and Mathematics of the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Testicular Axis (1999) [with M. Reed]
  • Garrett Mitchener Lattices and Sphere Packing (1999) [with R. Hain]
  • Andrew O. Dittmer Generalized Formulas for Circular Polygons (1998) [with R. Hain]
  • Richard R. Schneck Set Theory and Cardinal Arithmetic (1997) [with R. Hodel]
  • Tung T. Tran Counting Independent Subsets in Nearly Regular Graphs (1997) [with G. Lawler]
  • Paul A. Dreyer Knot theory and the human pretzel game (1995) [with J. Harer]
  • Paul J. Koss Effects of noise on the iterated prisoner's dilemma (1995) [with D. Kraines]
  • Jeff Vanderkam Eigenfunctions of an acoustic system (1994) [with T. Beale]
  • Linie Chang Mathematics and immunology: Modeling antigen and antibody interactions (1993) [with M. Reed]
  • Sang H. Chin Action of the Torelli group on the 3-fold cover of G-hole torus (1993) [with R. Hain]
  • Jennifer Slimowitz Transitions of gaps between the integers N satisfying Nq < j (1993) [with M. Reed]
  • David Jones Primality testing, factoring and continued fractions (1992) [with C. Schoen]
  • Will Schneeberger The axiom diamond (1992) [with J. Shoenfield]
  • Jeanne Nielsen Triply periodic minimal surfaces in R3 (1991) [with R. Bryant]

Published papers

  • David Arthur, Samuel W. Malone, Oaz Nir
    `Optimal Overbooking''
    UMAP Journal 23 (2002) 283-300
  • Samuel W. Malone, Carl A. Miller, Daniel B. Neill
    "Traffic Flow Models and the Evacuation Problem"
    UMAP Journal 22 (2001) 271-290
  • Samuel W. Malone, Jeffrey A. Mermin, Daniel B. Neill
    ``Air Traffic Control''
    UMAP Journal 21 (2000) 241-256
    Postscript * Pdf version
  • Samuel W. Malone, W. Garrett Mitchener and John A. Thacker
    ``People Capacity of a Structure''
    UMAP Journal 20 (1999) 273-286
  • Jeffrey A. Mermin, W. Garrett Mitchener and John A. Thacker
    ``Alternatives to Grade Point Average for Ranking Students''
    UMAP Journal 19 (1998) 279-299
    Postscript * Abstract
    Pdf version * Abstract
  • Johanna Miller and C. Ryan Vinroot
    ``Maudlin-Williams graphs with unique dimensions''
    Pi Mu Epsilon 10 (1998) 620-628
  • Paul Dreyer
    ``Knot theory and the human pretzel game''
    Congressus Numerantium 122 (1996) 99-108
  • Andrew Dittmer
    ``Cross product identities in arbitrary dimensions''
    America Mathematical Monthly 101 (1994) 887-891
  • Jeff Vanderkam
    ``Bounds on squares of two-sets''
    Ars Combinatoria (1994)
  • Scott Harrington
    ``The probability that the roots of a cubic are real''
    College Math Journal 24 (1994) 380-381
  • Jennifer Slimowitz
    ``Violations of the ceiling principle''
    American Journal of Human Genetics 53 (1993) 314-323
  • Jeanne Nielsen
    ``Rewritable sequences of groups''
    Ars Combinatoria 36 (1993) pp 207-214

    Undergraduate papers presented at
    national mathematical society meetings

    • Tirasan Khandhawit, San Jose 2008
    • Jason Chen, Madison 2007
    • Charles Staats III, Columbus 2006
    • Pradeep Baliga, Adam Chandler, Matthew Mian, Albuquerque, August 2005
    • Melanie E. Wood, Baltimore, January 2003
    • David Arthur, Baltimore, January 2003
    • David Arthur, Sam Malone, SIAM Philadelphia, July 2002
    • Melanie E. Wood, Lincoln NE, February 2001
    • Melanie E. Wood, AMS-MAA New Orleans, January 2001
    • Carl Miller, Conference on Discrete Mathematics, Missoula, September 2000
    • W. Garrett Mitchener, Jeffrey Mermin, John Thacker MAA-CMS Toronto, July 1998
    • Johanna Miller AMS San Diego, January 1997
    • Robert Schneck AMS San Diego, January 1997
    • Jason Samuel AMS Iowa City, March 1996
    • Craig Gentry AMS-MAA San Francisco, January 1995
    • Paul Dreyer AMS-MAA Burlington, August 1995
    • Tung Tran AMS-MAA Burlington, August 1995
    • Jeff Vanderkam AMS-MAA Cincinnati, January 1994
    • Linie Chang AMS Washington, April 1993
    • Jeff Vanderkam AMS Washington, April 1993
    • Paul Dreyer AMS-MAA Vancouver, August 1993
    • Jeanne Nielsen MAA Davidson, April 1990

    * Travel expenses paid in part from the mathematics department's Putnam Mathematical Competition cash awards