Mathematics Department

Triangle Topology Seminar
Alex Zupan (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Tuesday, April 25 - 3:00 pm
NCSU, SAS 1102

The Andrews-Curtis Conjecture, proposed in the 1960s, asserts that every balanced presentation of the trivial group can be simplified with a set of moves, called Andrew-Curtis moves. Every handle...

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String Theory Seminar
Mikhail Isachenkov
Thursday, April 27 - 3:00 pm
298 Physics (Physics Faculty Lounge)

We will discuss a relation between conformal blocks, describing kinematics of a CFT, and integrable models of quantum-mechanical particles. I will show how the dependence of blocks on cross-ratios is...

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Probability Seminar
Wilfrid Kendall (U of Warwick)
Thursday, April 27 - 4:15 pm
UNC, 125 Hanes Hall

In this talk I will discuss the use of Dirichlet forms to deliver proofs of optimal scaling results for Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms (specifically, Metropolis-Hastings random walk samplers)...

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Geometry Seminar
Matt Kerr (Washington U in St. Louis)
Monday, May 1 - 3:15 pm
119 Physics

CTMS Adventures In Theory Lectures Seminar
Felix Otto
Tuesday, May 9 - 3:15 pm
130 Physics

Algebraic Geometry Seminar
Rita Pardini (U Pisa)
Friday, September 22 - 3:15 pm
119 Physics