Prospective Students

The Duke Ph.D. program in math is fairly small (about 30 tenure track faculty and 50 graduate students) but this allows a close relationship between students and faculty. Our graduate program trains students to pursue careers in academic institutions, government agencies and industry. Many students do summer internships with companies. Work is underway to expand those activities and to facilitate placement with companies in the area.

Flexible Curriculum Tailored to Your Interests

In contrast to other programs in mathematics, Duke does not have a core curriculum that all students must take. You are then free to choose an array of courses that matches your interests. Students have no teaching responsibilities in the Spring of the first two years, and are supported in the summer of the first and second years by the graduate school, so they can more quickly settle into their thesis research.

Emphasis on Teaching Skills

In addition to training students to do research and to apply mathematics to real-world problems, we have a strong emphasis on developing mathematics teaching skills. Students begin by working in a calculus lab during their first semester and as their skills develop progress to teaching their own courses. For students seeking academic jobs, solid teaching skills are essential.

Coursework in Computer Science & Statistics

Students can take courses in Computer Science or Statistics to enhance their research skills and job prospects. Several faculty from these departments are members of the graduate faculty and thus can be thesis advisors. The fact that a four person committee supervises students from their preliminary exam to thesis defense allows for faculty from other departments in biological and physical sciences to participate in graduate student thesis research.

Meet our Students

See what current graduate students are doing.