Graduation with Distinction

The following graduating math majors have written their Senior Honors Theses on their math or math related research:

  •  Lindsey Brown, Abstract Algebra and Neural Code for Sound Localization in Barn Owls with Mike Reed and Bill Pardon. She will study applied math at Harvard University
  •  David Builes, Large Cardinals with Richard Hodel. He will attend the graduate program in philosophy at MIT and will study set theory at Harvard on the side.

  •  Kyle Casey, Siegel Modular Forms with Les Saper. He will study mathematics at Northwestern University
  •  Bryan Runjing Liu, Modeling Effects of Positive and Negative Feedback in Kidney Blood Flow Control with Anita Layton. He will study statistics at the University of California, Berkeley.
  •  Francois Thelot, Description of the Conformational ensemble of Calomodulin from Paramagnetic NMR with Mauro Maggioni. He will study biophysics or biomedicine at at Harvard.
  •  Paul Ziquan Yang, Morphisms with only mild singular fibers and Bertini Theorems over finite fields. He will study mathematics at Harvard University
  •  Anne Talkington, graduated with distinction in mathematics in December 2015. She has been awarded an NSF graduate fellowship for study in bioinformatics and computational biology at UNC Chapel Hill.