How to Apply

Neither the general or math subject GRE are required for Fall 2021 applications. 

The Duke Mathematics Graduate Program offers admission to students interested in obtaining a PhD in research mathematics in many areas spanning pure and applied mathematics.  NOTE: the department has neither a Masters program, nor a separate track for students primarily interested in teaching.

Application Instructions

Applications for Fall 2022 admission are due December 13, 2021.


  • For questions about the application process and requirements (including the GRE and TOEFL), or the online application, consult the The Graduate School's list of Frequently Asked Questions.  If your answer is not addressed there, contact The Graduate School at   
  • Applications to the program are administered by the Graduate School (not the Math department) and all logistical questions should be director there (eg: whether or not materials have been received and added to your file).
  • The DGS is happy to answer questions about academic aspects of the program.  (You will find answers to common questions on the math department website.)  In July - November 2021 the DGS will hold occasional Zoom office hours for prospective students.  Email if you wish to be notified when the next office hour is scheduled.
  • Fall 2021: both the general and subject GRE are optional.  The omission of these exams will not disadvantage your application.