Duke Math Announces New Hires for Upcoming Academic Year

3 new Assistant Professors on top and 9 new ARCs on the bottom with headshots. Background is Duke blue

Duke Math is excited to announce three new assistant professors and nine assistant research professors starting July 1.

Assistant Professors:

Alexander Dunlap 
Stochastic partial differential equations, random geometry, theoretical data science
Courant Institute of the Mathematical Sciences

Di Fang
Theory of quantum computation
Simons Quantum Postdoctoral Fellow 
University of California, Berkeley

Fan Wei 
Combinatorics, graph theory, and applications to theoretical computer science
Princeton University

NSF MPS Ascending Postdoctoral Researcher and Phillips Griffiths Assistant Research Professor

Ranthony Edmonds
Commutative algebra, factorization theory, applied algebra, data science
Ohio State University

Assistant Research Professors:

Zachary Bezemek
Probability theory, stochastic processes
Boston University

James Hughes
Legendrian links and their exact Lagrangian fillings; associated invariants)
University of California at Davis

Min Jun Jo
Turbulence arising in fluids
The University of British Columbia

Quanjun Lang
Pure and applied math topics in the fields of PDEs, stochastic analysis, inverse problems, and machine learning
Johns Hopkins University

Jacob Madrid
Mathematical biology, stochastic processes, applied mathematics
University of Utah

Aric Wheeler
Convective Turing bifurcations and pattern formation in modern biomorphology
Indiana University

Jiajia Yu
Optimization, numerical analysis, machine learning, and inverse problems
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Ling Zhou
Applied algebraic topology, computational geometry, discrete homotopy theory

Ohio State University

Please join us in welcoming these scholars to Duke!