Applying for Jobs

Professional Development Program

The department runs a professional development program to help graduate students and postdocs prepare for careers both within and beyond academia.  

When to Apply

The Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (MSPRF) competition signals the start of the (academic) job application season. The annual MSPRF deadline for full proposal submission is usually the third Wednesday of October.

Where to Find Jobs

  • MathJobs is the main site to use to find and apply for jobs. Some tenure track job listings have deadlines as early as November 1, but that is not a hard and fast cutoff. Schools can only begin to review applications after the deadline has passed. If you have your materials uploaded before the Thanksgiving Break you should be fine.
  • Academic Jobs Online may have some listings, though not often in math.
  • AMS Employment Services has a number of resources for applicants including links to MathJobs, Employment Information in the Mathematical Sciences (EIMS), and Notices of the AMS.
  • The Employment Center of the AMS Annual Meeting allows applicants to schedule interviews with registered schools. Schools that emphasize teaching often use this mechanism, while schools that emphasize research use it less frequently. The AMS Annual Meeting is a great way to make contact with people from both types of schools.

Postdoctoral Fellowships

  • Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (MSPRF).  The fellowship provides two years of support (which can be spread over three years with one year of teaching - a good option as you will need teaching letters for your next application).  The fellowship requires a reciprocial agreement from a colleague (at the host institution) to act as your postdoctoral mentor. (Your advisor can help you identify a mentor.)  Only U.S. citizens/nationals/permanent residents are eligible.  (Non-citizens are eligible for regular NSF grants.)
  • John von Neumann Fellowship.
  • Fullbright Program in Israel for US citizens.

Advice and Resources

Sample Application Materials

  • Anirban Basak
Download Basak CV (pdf - 62.29 KB)


  • Sean Lawley
Download Lawley CV (pdf - 60.61 KB)


  • Shi Shi Luo
Download Luo CV (pdf - 78.8 KB)